There hardly will be any person who doesnt use perfume or any kind of fragrance. Every one of us likes to smell good in addition to looking good. Yet the majority of us do not understand simple terms and phrases used in perfume industry. Here are the 5 basic types of perfumes.

So when the next time you go to a perfume shop, you not only dazzle the staff with your deep knowledge of their field, but also shop the right product for yourself. Lets understand the term “concentration”. Concentration refers to the amount of the fragrance oils in the perfume. Higher the concentration, higher the amount of fragrance oils and the longer it will last. There are five major perfume types based on concentration. We all have come across most of these but dont really know what they mean. Lets begin in descending order of concentration


This is the strongest, longest lasting and the most expensive type of perfume. categorically it has about 15% to 40% of fragrance but most Parfums these days have 20% to 30% concentration. Some perfumes in the industry have a special Parfum version while some are only available in this type.

It lasts for about six to eight hours and that is what makes it so expensive. Be careful about when and where to wear this type because a little over spraying can make you smell annoying. When buying this, go for the intense version. This way only a couple of sprays will fulfill the purpose and your bottle will last longer so you wont have to buy this expensive type of perfume every month. Also it is the best perfume type for people with sensitive skin because it has the least amount of alcohol of all perfume types.



  • Armani Code Profumo

Eau De Parfum

The second most concentrated perfume is eau de parfum. Its concentration varies between 15% to 20% and it lasts for four to six hours.

It is important to understand that it doesnt have higher amount of alcohol than Parfum even when its fragrance concentration is a bit lesser. So that makes it the perfect perfume type. It doesnt harm your skin and at the same time it doesnt annoy the people around you. It is the most suitable type to wear at night time.

But again the key is to spray a moderate amount.

  • Creed Aventus
  • Dior Sauvage

Eau De Toilette

This is the most common type of perfume in the industry. That is due to these specifications.

It has about 5% to 15% concentration of fragrance in alcohol. It is available in high end brands and is not much expensive

at the same time. This gives you a taste of luxury at a relatively low price. It lasts for two to four hours and is most suitable for daywear. This is why most people prefer to buy eau de toilette.

  • Armani Code
  • Mr Burberry

Eau De Cologne


Eau De Cologne has a concentration of 2% to 4% of fragrance oil in alcohol.

It only lasts for up to two hours. It is a lot cheaper than Eau De Toilette and has a high concentration of alcohol which makes it harmful for skin. One thing you will notice is that it comes in bigger bottles about 125 ml and higher. That is because you need to spray more sprays to compensate the low concentration.

  • Chanel Eau De Cologne

Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche is similar to Eau De Cologne in terms of lasting period. It also lasts for only up to two hours or sometimes less. While having a concentration of 1% to 3% only, it doesnt have higher amount of alcohol than Eau De Cologne so you wont have to spray it more. Other than fragrance, it is mostly water.

  • Versace Man

By now you must have learnt a great deal about the types of perfumes according to concentration. There are types of perfumes based on nature of the fragrances used but it is very difficult to explain them because there are hundreds of scent types in this industry. I would recommend to have a clear view of what to buy according to your lifestyle because high end products can cost you a lot of money. Good luck for your next perfume shopping trip.


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