The transgender community in Pakistan is endlessly harassed and teased. Due to this reasons they cannot change about themselves. A society is recognized by the equality but the inequality they receive on daily basis is the dark side of our nation. But this cannot be tolerate any more we all are humans and should get equal rights. Few days ago a transgender was allegedly stripped in KPK.

Recently a video was shared in social media. That shows how a transgender was allegedly stripped outside of a hospital in KP was harassed. In the video, two trans persons are seen complaining of being stripped by three medical staff at the hospital. She had received that type of animalistic treatment at a place that is supposed to be safe. Where everyone comes for the treatment. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police arrested two staff members who were included. But the transgender person tearfully said that they were stripped and ridiculed in the presence of police. She demanded justice and said, “Do we not have the right to get medical treatment? Do we have no respect?”. The video soon went viral and gained the eye of the police. Soon announcing the arrest of the suspects.

Gender Equality is the human fight, we should raise our voices against such incidences. If we all gathered and stand against this, then one day will surely come when the transgenders will also get their equal rights.


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