The conflict between Pakistan and India is nothing new. Both neighboring countries have also fought several wars.  Saturday also sparked a literal war on Twitter, a social interaction between the singers of both countries that online creatures jumped into.

This time Pakistani singer Farhan Saeed’s song ‘Roya’ and India’s Salim Merchant’s song ‘Hariya’ became the cause of this literal war.

When Indian singer Salim Merchant tweet a video of his new song Haria, writing that his song has more than 2 million views on YouTube. Now call it mere coincidence or sometimes even sad that in those moments of joy, singer-songwriter Farhan Saeed, on Twitter, alleged on Twitter that Haria is actually the antithesis of his songs. He then accused the Indian singer of stealing his song and said that at least he would have asked it before doing it or if he had to steal it all.


The argument took place on twitter

In his reply, Salim Merchant simply called it a coincidence. He said that he had not heard Farhan Saeed’s song before, otherwise he would have definitely changed his song produced by Haria later.

Moreover, he said that when we look at each other in this profile, it is often a natural thing to do this. Plagiarizing someone’s creative work is something he would never do.

It is not known if Farhan Saeed, on the recommendation of Salim Merchant, approached his fellow singer, Sulaiman Merchant, to know the facts, but he apparently seemed satisfied with the explanation of Salim Merchant and said that if you say so ( Then it will be correct) however they are the same in our song lyrics. At the same time, he expressed his best wishes to Salim Merchant.

It seems that Salim Merchant wanted to settle the matter completely. He tweeted another and asked why you didn’t inquire with him (SulaimanMerchant). I wish I had a copy of this song before. I would definitely make changes to my song so that it was substantially different from my attitude. However, he finally told Farhan Saeed that he hoped he would know the truth after his explanations.

Now after so many explanations, Farhan Saeed learned the benefits of taking a quiet stance. They may still be wondering how so many coincidences happen simultaneously. The way Salim Merchant talked to them made matters worse rather than worse. If Farhan Saeed is saying good luck obviously that he will not threaten the ‘CU in Court’ after this.

Why does this happen in developing countries?

In developing countries, intellectual property is not of highly regard. It is usual for a creator to duplicate and steal the creation. Even if the laws in this regard are inadequate. If this is the case with Pakistan and India. Music is something other than the dozens of other common values ​​that connect people living in these neighboring countries.

However, in both countries, music makers continue to accuse each other of duplicating or stealing their own creative work. A few months ago, Major General Asif Ghafoor, accused an Indian MP of duping a song released by the ISPR. In the Indian state of Telangana BJP member Thackeray Raja Singh, who was accused of copying the song. He said in his message on Twitter that ‘why would he copy the song of Pakistan’.