China’s richest man, Jack Ma is ready to retire at the height of his $ 460 billion company and start teaching again.

Alibaba chairman  left his company on Tuesday, which he announced in September last year. On September 10, Jack Ma, 55, is being held by Alibaba to say goodbye to Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, where his successor, Daniel Zhang, will officially take over the company.

Jack Ma said he would become a teacher after retirement

During a tech conference in May this year, the chairman of Alibaba had said he would become a teacher once he retired in September. At the conference, he said he would leave his position on September 10, the company’s 20th anniversary.

Jack Ma currently owns $41.7 billion (more than 50 trillion Pakistani rupees). He is the 20th richest person in the world. But there was a time when his monthly income was barely equal.

After graduating in 1988, he worked as an English teacher at a university in his native Hangzhou, where his monthly salary was $12.

During the conference in May, he said he decided to teach again because he loves teaching activities. He said that money will not be given to banks or investors. The money they earned from Alibaba is to spend on education and reform of the education system in China. According to Jack Ma, he still considers himself young. He wants to spend the next 15 years in the education sector. At the conference, he said he is not proud of the fact that he founded Alibaba. He is proud of the company’s mistakes and challenges over the last 20 years.

He says that when you do business you are worried about rivals, do not worry about mistakes. Do not be afraid of challenges, just go ahead. You can not sit in one place and cry, if tears can solve problems then sea of ​​tears.

In simple words, Jack Ma calls it a burden to be a billionaire: ‘When you earn a billion dollars, it is not your wealth, the wealth I have today is a responsibility, it is the trust of the people. In his various interviews he has said that when you make $ 1 million, you are ‘lucky’ but when that money reaches one million dollars, you are in trouble.


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