Trying to watch your diet and craving dining out too? We’ve got it covered! Often times we compromise on our health for the sake of our taste buds, we indulge vigorously in greasy and fatty foods that destroy us from within. However what escapes our mind is the fact that we can satiate our appetite by switching over to healthier alternatives, that are considerably safer for us and in no way less delicious than the junk we consume everyday. Here’s a list of Lahore’s well reputable restaurants which offer a variety of cuisines and see to your calorie intake but leave you wanting more, there are the list of best restaurants in Lahore for a healthy lifestyle:

1. Thanda Garam
A place where foodies who are conscious about their health can rejoice, Thanda Garam is home to a wide array of juices and smoothies. They offer a perfect blend of healthy and appetizing delicacies for you to choose from. There’s even a section of frappuccinos to choose from.
I mean, just have a look at their menu!
Address: Street 14, DHA, Y Block
Contact Number: 0301 8476457

2. Subway

One of the most accessible fast food chain in Pakistan is Subway. Not only do they prepare fresh food in front of you adhering to your instructions, they also have economical deals like ‘Sub of the Day’. Unlike other fast food restaurants, Subway doesn’t fry any of their products being used. Despite being healthy, the food served is still rich in flavour and delectable.
On any week day, lunch from Subway can lighten up your day!
Contact Number: (021) 111 486 479

3. Eat Smart
Another place which is famous for its calorie counted meals. Fast food needn’t be dull or restrictive. Eat Smart symbolizes a lifestyle that caters for all those who want to feel good about themselves and eat healthy. Here you don’t need to sacrifice the food you love to be healthy.
They also offer consultation for Rs.1000 consisting of diet & lifestyle evaluation, bio impedance test, anthropocentric measurements, physical activity readiness, medical history and test report (if applicable).
Address: IRON BOX 186-Y, Street 13, DHA
Contact Number: 0320 0009656

4. The Pantry by The Polo Lounge
The Pantry presents a pleasuring spot for conversation and reprieve with the exceptional selection of  hearty, salubrious and artisan soul food. They have an assortment of fresh sandwiches, salads and soups. The mouthwatering cuisine isn’t the only thing to die for, their hot drinks are amazing as well! Address: Shop number – 10, Mall – 1, 94-D Main Boulevard Gulberg-3
Contact Number: (042) 35790127

5. Grab Your Meal
Amongst the countless unhealthy temptations that surround us in Y block DHA, Grab Your Meal comes to the rescue with their tantalizing meals. Even their initials spell out ‘GYM’ which basically promises minimum carbs with maximum flavour. Its Mediterranean cuisine: made with fresh ingredients in front of your eyes
Just having a look at their menu can get your tummy rumbling.

Address: 9Y phase 3 Y Block DHA
Contact Number: 0321 1400911

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