Animals not Spared in Political Rivalry, torturing animal to express hate..

There is no doubt that election fever is on hype but this fever has taken its toll even on animals. Animals have not been spare by the “rage” it seems. This was a brutal incident of animal abuse. In this painful incident an injured donkey handed to animal rescue centre Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF) after it was badly beaten and crying out of pain. The NGO take the initial care of the donkey. The dependable political supporters of a party torture a donkey. Writing the name of a political opponent on his body. A donkey beaten to pulp, punched in the face and abdomen several times and broke the nose. Kicked all over his body until he collapsed, has rope marks and a car rammed into him. All of this brutal work done just to describe one political party.


The donkey has multiple wounds. All fresh from the beatings, punches and kicks he suffer. His nostrils have been rip apart and his face was bleeding because of all the wounds. He is not eating much and his body is still stiff yet shaking in fear. His wounds have been clean and he has been given pain killers.

In this incident The ACF added “If this is our general public that can abuse an innocent animal for fun and ridiculous, irrational reasons, because he’s a “Ghadha” then nothing else matters anyway ”

This heinous crime resulted in the violent abuse and almost death of a poor animal. This kind of behavior is not only disturbing to witness, but infuriating as to how low the HUMANITY has fallen.