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How to be yourself in this confusing World!

Some bad thing happens in our life and we feel like it’s the end of the world, right? It’s human nature. Bad grade? end of the world. Break up? end of the world. Lost your job? end of the world. Have you ever asked yourself that why are you feeling like this, why do small bad happenings in your life makes you feel devastated? The answer most people will get from their selves is “What will people say?” Just because someone says they don’t like something about you doesn’t mean it’s bad or you need to change it. In the end all you’ve got is you, don’t let other people put you in depression no one will be there for you except you. Love yourself.

Here are some ways from which you can learn self loving.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

The first and foremost thing in learning self love is do not compare yourself with others. This is the most unfair thing you can do yourself. “Why this person has a big house and I haven’t?” , “She’s prettier than me, why?” , “Why does he have a better job than me?” and what not. If you’re always comparing your life with others then you can never stay happy. Stop yourself from doing that. Every time you start comparing yourself with others, punch yourself right in the face and ask yourself not to. Maybe their life is not what it looks like. Count your blessing, stay happy. You don’t want to be someone else, you want to be yourself.

2. Forgive yourself for past mistakes & accept yourself

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Criticizing yourself is also another unfair thing you can do. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has flaws, everyone messes up, everyone makes bad decisions but it doesn’t mean you start hating yourself for your mistakes. Look into the mirror and tell yourself that “I love you and I forgive you”. Accept your flaws. Nobody is perfect. Don’t hate yourself for something wrong you’ve done, learn from that mistake.

3. Don’t be a people-pleaser, please yourself

You can never stay happy if you’re constantly trying to please others. Wanting attention, love and respect from literally everyone is the most pointless thing you can do. Don’t say you can do something just to please  Don’t be a people pleaser just be yourself. Fault finders will only ever find this. Listen to your unique heart and mind. You are like no other. God gave us the gift of imperfection to learn for life, how to aspire and become who we want to be. If you’re into people pleasing, you can never stay emotionally stable.

4. Eliminate toxic people from your life

Toxic people make your life nothing but a hell. When you’re learning self love the most important thing you have to do is cut off all the negativity from your life. If someone is making you feel bad about you, remove him/her from your life. Don’t do stuff for people just because you love them. All of us cross path with someone who makes us feel doubt our decisions. Don’t let others negativity push you to live for other people. The best thing a person can do for themselves, for their mental health, for their human growth, for their happiness in life is remove all toxic people from their life. When you do that, and you only allow people who are positive and loving in your life miracles occur!

5. Accompany yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with people that push you to do and be better. No drama or negativity. Just higher goals and higher motivation. Good times and positive energy. No jealousy or hate. Simply bringing out the absolute best in you. Positivity mean a lot. If you surround your environment with positive people, good vibes will come to you naturally. Remember that it is your environment that influences your experiences. Become aware of what’s really worth your energy.

6. Don’t care what people think or say about you

Last but not the least, don’t care what people think about you. All they do is talking, judging and make others feel bad about their existence. It’s so easy to say “don’t care about what people say” but it’s really hard not to but once you’ve decided that you’re not going to give a damn about people’s thinking, you’ll feel incredibly good. If people are judging you, then these people don’t deserve you. People are going to judge anyway, be your own appreciator. They’ll talk for something happened in your life for some days but then they’ll forget it.

Don’t waste your emotions over the approval of society, over what’s considered ‘acceptable,’ over what ‘everyone has’ or ‘everyone is doing’ these days. What’s acceptable is what you’re happy with. So get in touch with yourself SO much, that the world and it’s opinions stop mattering and you can be you without a worry. Because you finally know who you are and the society cannot confuse you.