WhatsApp Beta Rolled Out its Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Video Feature

WhatsApp Beta is a free messenger and voice over application used worldwide. With every passing day, its functionality is improving. Now it has introduced a feature called “Picture-in-Picture”with beta version 2.18.301 for Android users.


How Picture-in-Picture Works?


WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture feature let user enjoy YouTube, Instagram and Facebook videos while staying in the application. Yes, you can watch and enjoy videos while remaining in the app. When you tap the play button the video expands top of the chat.


Problems of the New Feature

The picture-in-picture will disappear when the user switches to another chat. However, this does not happen on the iOS version. However, this new feature is supposed to let you watch the video as you move through different chats and group. Also check : WhatsApp Group Call