As Coke Studio Season 10 has disappointed a lot of people but now it’s back with a bang. Coke Studio “One Nation, One Spirit, One Sound” is celebrating unity in diversity. The Coke Studio 11 has left everyone speechless and stunned by dropping their opening song “Hum Dekhenge”. A remake of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem.

You’ll definitely get Goosebumps listening to this..


This season coke studio will be launching platform for transgender duo, Naghma and Lucky. They have carefully selected them to sing the KHALQ E KHUDA (Jo Mai Bhi Hun Aur Tum Bhi Ho) line. The part where Naghma and Lucky sings this line it gives goosebumps. Sending a very clear message to a lot of us who treat them the opposite. It’s a very positive step. We are proud celebrating this unity.

“Jo mein bhi hun, aur tum bhi ho” – Naghma & Lucky (Source : Youtube)

People are really proud

And this

Also people are very excited for Krewella featuring Jahan and Yasmin Yousuf, the talented sister duo from Chicago

Krewella (Source : Instagram)

 The excitement is real

And Fangirls are drooling over glimpse of Ahad Raza Mir in Coke Studio 11

This year, Ahad Raza Mir is also performing in Coke Studio 11. From acting to singing this man can do everything I guess.

This season is going to be the best as far we are judging. Let’s hope it fulfill our expectations.


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