Pakistani short film ‘Darling’ has bagged the Best Short Film Award at the Venice International Film Festival.

The film Darling was based on the friendship of a young guy  Shani and a feminine woman Alina in Lahore. It was screened at the World Premiere Venice Film Festival.

Alina is played by Alina Khan. A young trans woman from Lahore. This is something we appreciate as it shows the importance of representation. Not just on stage but in the industry as well.

The film was directed by 28-year-old Saim Siddique, who hails from Lahore and is currently studying at Columbia University. This is the first time a Pakistani film has been screened at the Venice Film Festival and has also won the award.

The Venice Film Festival is recognized as the oldest film festival in the film world and Darling was given the Orizzonti Award for Best Short Film. Darling is the first Pakistani film to be screened at 3 major film festivals – Cannes, Berlin and Venice.

The director of the film told Arab News in an interview: ‘I sent the name of the film without expecting that it might be selected, now it was fortunate or something else, the film was selected’. The film will also be presented at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10.


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