We all live in a society where we are constantly being judged on the basis of unimportant and useless merits. Whether it be our looks, our bank balance, our dazzling degree, the car we drive or even the phone in our hand. The sad truth is that we cant really escape those people and go off living alone. We all need to survive in this society and most importantly we need to learn some things not just to survive but also to thrive. This article is about those short people who are considered short and receive criticism about that.

If not criticism, they personally feel bad about their height and personality. Unfortunately our social standards are that if a person is below 5 ft 10, or 5 ft 6 in girls , he or she is considered short. I myself am 5 ft 7 and the shortest in my family so I feel your pain and have, for a long time, condemned myself for that. I know it seems idiotic but that is the truth. I used to feel depressed in my family gatherings and around my brothers and cousins. But then I started studying about it and came to know some harsh truths and learnt to deal with it. Here are some pieces of advice that I will like you people to consider.

Never Feel Bad About It

I know it seems hard at first thought but trust me I am going to give you tricks to escape that depressing feeling and make you feel better. First of all, take time and think about those people who are even more unfortunate than you. Think of people who are actually shorter than you and then compare your blessing with them. Be thankful for what you are and try to improve your overall personality instead of grudging about something that you cant change. Next thing you can do is to talk to those people. Honestly it works. Go to them, ask them how they find your height, trust me they are gonna tell you how blessed you are and how desperately they wish they had your height. Keep it in mind that I am sharing this based on personal experience and if you disagree with any of my points, please do comment and enlighten me. These are just two simple tricks to make you feel better and blessed about your height. 

Compensate It With Success

Brothers and sisters, this is the MOST IMPORTANT point in this whole article that I want you to really consider. I will begin with my story. I am 5 ft 7 and I was one of the short people in my college. But there was one thing I really loved to do. That was running. In fact that was the only thing I was good at. I remember I used to run along the roadsides especially at the time of dawn. I had a boy in my class who I shouldnt call my friend, he used to make fun of me because he was 6 ft 3. He used to joke around and doubt the reality of my being a runner. He always said,” how can you run for long with such short legs?” I know it doesnt make sense but it felt bad at that time. Then there came the annual marathon, I challenged him and again I faced rude comments. You know what? His long legs didnt take him far. I aced that marathon and shut it in his face. So my dear short fellows, you dont have to be 6 ft tall to accomplish something in life. If you are not tall in height, be tall in success in whatever you do. Be the best one in the room and certainly this height wont matter to you after you reach your goal. Let your short height be a source to drive you.

Let it be the reason to work hard, to go that extra mile, to work even all night. I hope you understand by now that being tall can not make you a successful person. Learn from Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and Tom Cruise or Kevin Hart.

Michael Corleone (Al Pacino in The Godfather) didnt have to be 6 ft tall to dominate over New York families.He was also 5 ft 7. Just look at him. He can scare you just with his gaze.

 Dress Accordingly

Brock Mcgoff ( 5 ft 6 )

Now this is somewhat of a material concept but still it is 100% applicable. There are some dressing tricks and techniques which can instantly make you not only appear but also feel taller. Just for instance, if you wear a suit, British style suits are better than American or Italian ones. Trust me, these tricks may seem hilarious but they are tested by me personally and are true. Another trick is to lose those extra pounds. Your being fat is making you appear even shorter. It is true that skinny and slim people naturally seem taller than their actual height. Lose all the extra pounds and you will look taller. Start wearing well fitted dresses and throw out the baggy ones. Those lose and unfitted shirts and pants are making you appear even shorter. But be careful with the fitting. Extra skinny shirts and pants will make it worse. The other day I saw a very skinny guy wearing extra tight white shirt and white trousers. Looked like a candle wrapped up in a tissue paper. Try to find elevator shoes that add some inches to your height. Girls, you dont have to worry, youve already got those high heels. For more tips and tricks watch this video by one of my favorite mens style youtubers Antonio Centeno.

Naturally Increase Your Height

If you are thinking of some medications, DONT go for it. It has so many negative side effects that you cant state. My fellow worker did it once, I admit that it actually add an inch or two in his height but he ended up looking like a darn gorilla. The medicine made his testosterone levels shoot up and he ended up with so many body hair that I still pity his condition. I remember he used to warn all of us about it and said that it was the last thing you would wanna do for height. Height can be naturally increased in girls up to age of 18 and in boys up to even 24, according to my doctor. For that process, follow these ways

  • take a balanced diet. Especially concentrate on proteins, phosphorus and calcium.
  • Sleep for at least seven hours every night undisturbed.
  • sprint up. Run long sprints. This will stretch your legs and make them strong.
  • correct your posture.
  • do stretching exercises especially hang upside down on a bar

You have to follow all these steps together for better results. But before following any of these, dont forget to consult your doctor and get proper advice. I hope this article was helpful. Please comment your views and suggestions.


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