The Don Draper haircut, also called as the perfect or sleek side-part is one of the most attractive men’s hairstyle that simply doesn’t go out of fashion. It has always been considered stylish by men and has been used by them in every era with slight differences and modifications according to the hair types and other factors.

This is a detailed tutorial for styling your hair at home for the sleek side-part. In this blog I will try to explain the process simply and step by step.I will provide the links to buy the products used during the styling process at the end of the blog. So, lets begin with step no.1

Step no.1: Wet Hair

Okay now you have made up your mind to step up your style game and appear like a dapper chap, first thing you should do is wet your hair thoroughly. Use a conditioner if necessary. I myself prefer using Dove Conditioner because of two reasons. First that it is easily available and at fairly normal price. Secondly, it performs better than most of the conditioners in the market. But if you have something better in mind, go for it.

Step no.2: Blow Dry or Straighten

Now gentlemen, this is important to understand your hair type. This hairstyle goes well with silky and generally long hair at the top. The hair on the sides and then  temples must be quite short or at least comparatively shorter than those on top of your head. If you have silky and straight hair, you are blessed and if you dont, then not to worry because blow driers and straighteners can be your answers. When your hair at still wet, take a brush or comb and straighten up the part of your hair and then blow in the direction smoothly. Be careful with the direction in which you blow and handle the drier carefully. If you are using a straightener, make quite sure that your hair is completely dry, even a little moisture can burn your hair. Once your hair is completely dry, straighten gently and carefully in short motions of the straightener. straighten your hair in the direction in which you want them to stay after the side-part. Once this is done, move on to the third step.

Step no.3: Apply Gel or Styling Cream

This is the most crucial part of the process as this determines whether you actually match the Don Draper look or not. If you look at Dons hair, they are always shiny, and are never out of place. There is this perfection with which his hair stay at place and never fall apart that makes him stand out in the list of style inspirations. For this step you need a quite hard hair styling cream, wax or hair gel. Choose the one that makes your hair stay in their place perfectly for hours. I would personally recommend a water based gel instead of oil based gel. Take a small pat on to your palm and work it well through your hair. Make sure you dont leave any hair because this hairstyle involves all the hair.

Step no.4 Comb and Part

This is the final step gentlemen and please be careful because this will show how careful and precise you are in styling your hair correctly. I would personally recommend that you get a rattail comb for making the precise part. carefully draw a line with the comb and determine the amount of hair on each side of the part. Then carefully part the hair while maintaining the thin view of the scalp from the part and set the hair. Next thing you need is a wide tooth comb to complete the style. Comb the hair on the thinner side in a down-backwards direction and leave no single hair undone. Then comb the top hair in a up-backwards direction. Make sure your hair settle down completely and stay in place. You have got your Don Draper Style.

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