Actresses leaving the entertainment industry after their wedding seems like a trend in Pakistan. Few months ago, a well known actress Aisha Khan left showbiz after her marriage with Major Uqbah Malik. Now, another actress Fiza Ali has announced to leave the showbiz after her second wedding on her social media accounts. Fiza Ali introduced her new husband Ayaz Malik to her fans through an Instagram post and announced her departure from the showbiz.

She said  “With the grace of God, I am proud to announce that I have left showbiz and I am only doing my game show”.  And also she added  “I have left media and I have started my new life with Ayaz Malik. So, my friends and family, I need your prayers for both of us,”

Her first marriage was with Fawad Farooq. The news of her remarrying was very shocking for her fans as she never mentioned anything about her separation with Fawad Farooq.


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