Vote is like a rifle, it’s usefulness depends upon the character of it’s user. Tomorrow, on 25th of July 2018, people of Pakistan will be offered once again their democratic right to cast vote. People will have a chance to elect a fresh governance. And so, before casting a vote in the General Elections 2018, it is necessary to pause for a moment and take stock of where we are today. What direction should we go towards. It’s you who’s responsible for the future of your country.

Vote is your right. It’s more like your vote, your voice. It doesn’t matter who are you going to vote for just make sure you step out of your house tomorrow to vote. If you won’t vote tomorrow then you also shouldn’t complain for the next 5 years. One vote will do no harm. Here’s a everything you should know before casting your vote.

1. Check Your Registration

One of the biggest problems voters face is that they think they’re registered but they’re not. Or there’s an error in their registration that they didn’t know about. Maybe their name’s spelling is incorrect, or their address is wrong. You don’t know about your polling station? No worries, the  Election Commission of Pakistan has made it easy for you. Just send your CNIC number on 8300 and you’ll receive a message stating everything related to your registration & polling station in few minutes.

2. Know the Scheduled Voting Timings

The voting timings tomorrow are scheduled from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. After the time limit if the voters are still present at the polling station they will be allowed to vote.

3. Prepare yourself for Vote

In Pakistan, the legal age to cast vote is 18. It means people are required to bring their genuine and real CNIC card to polling station. People having photocopy or other type of cards will not be able to vote.

4. Know your Choice

One cannot force you to vote for someone. You should know how many candidates are there. We cannot and will not say which Party might do that most effectively, but we surely can tell you to vote carefully.

Procedure for Voting in General Elections 2018

Here is  the procedure to  cast the vote  as per Elections Act 2017.

  1.  When a voter presents himself at the polling station to vote, the Presiding Officer shall issue a ballot paper to the voter after satisfying himself about his identity and shall, for that purpose, require him to produce his original National Identity Card issued by the National Database and Registration Authority
  2. For the purpose of verification of the identity of a voter, the Commission may adopt such other technology as in its opinion may prove effective, including bio-metric verification system, in addition to the National Identity Card mentioned in sub-section (1).
  3. Before a ballot paper is issued to a voter. the number and name of the voter as entered in the electoral roll shall be called out. The entry relating to the voter on the electoral roll shall be struck off to indicate that a ballot paper has been issued to him.
  4. He shall be required to receive a personal mark, made with indelible ink, on any finger or thumb of either hand as indicated by the Commission.
  5. He’ll receive the ballot paper then.
  6. On receiving the ballot paper, the voter shall :
  • Forthwith proceed to the place reserved for marking the ballot paper.
  • Put the prescribed mark on the ballot paper at any place within the space containing the name and symbol of the contesting candidate for whom he wishes to vote.
  • After he has so marked the ballot paper, fold and insert it in the ballot box.

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