Honda announces pricing of it’s most adored Honda E electric car

Honda has announced the pricing of its unique concept vehicle Honda E electric car, saying it will be available to consumers next year.

During the Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda’s fully-electric Honda E was introduced with the ultimate features and pricing, and the good news is that most of its prototype features will be available in the original car.

Features of new Honda E electrical Car

Its base model will be equipped with a 35.5kW battery that can travel up to 220km on a full charge. It has134 horsepower (152 horsepower when updating the base motor) while fast charging support is also provided. 80% battery charge in 30 minutes.

Its interior design is similar to the concept concept of 2017, with digital instrument cluster, extra-wide touch screen infotainment system and camera link rear view mirror, etc., as well as physical controls for AC and radio. For display infotainment, 12.3-inch 2 LCD touch screens will be provided while the 8.8-inch screen will serve as instrument cluster of drivers.

There will also be digital assistants. My Honda Plus service and apps that will provide users with security, location monitoring, digital access and other features.

It will be available for sale in the UK and Germany next summer for 26,160 pounds and 29,470 euros (over 5 million Pakistani rupees) respectively.

The car is also a tribute to Honda, one of its first small cars of the ’70s. Honda is demanding a bit of a premium for what is essentially a city runabout, given the battery size. It’s no doubt hoping that the buyers will be attract to the cute styling and futuristic tech. But there’s a reason that both Renault and Nissan increased battery life over the last few years. Still, there’s a ton of public interest in this car. A lot of people will take interest in how it sells when it orders open in early 2020. The Honda E will start to ship later in summer 2020.

When Concept Design introduced in 2017. The company said the vehicle’s system would learn to recognize the driver’s emotions and offer suggestions in this regard.



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