Does the red icon on your phone indicating a low battery life break you out in a cold sweat? Do you feel uneasy when you suddenly notice that the battery on your phone is getting low while you are out? Do you panic, or feel annoyed or check into a restaurant so that you can charge your phone hunt for a charger point? Or try to finish what you’re doing as soon as possible so that you head home and charge your phone or ask a complete stranger for a phone charger? Or do you put your phone into airplane mode to conserve battery life?

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above, then you are experiencing “low battery anxiety”, according to a survey done by researchers at LG electronics. The concept of Low Battery Anxiety exemplifies the behavior of people who are changing their everyday lives just to accommodate their dying battery.



Here are some tips to help you avoid low battery anxiety:

Make “Airplane Mode” A Lifestyle

Airplane mode shuts off the radio signals of your phone (hence the name) as well as Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth functions. It’s also a great “Do Not Disturb” tool that lets you do deep work without any of the buzzing or flashing alerts to divert your attention.

As much as it’s a concentration tool – you can rely on it to NOT show you the dreadful low battery warning for a very long time.


Toggle Off Battery Hungry Apps

Our favorite apps are the worst enemies for our batteries – we even wrote about it. But to summarize – locate your “background app refresh” and toggle off any apps that over-consume your battery.

Crush Low Battery Anxiety Together With A Portable Ally

Portable power outlets are easy solutions to counter Low Battery Anxiety and will never have you squat your “office” at the nearby Apple Store or blast any more frivolous apologies. It’s the first AC outlet that you can actually take on the go that can power anything from laptops to smartphones – it is the latest in battery technology.

Equip A Phone Charging Case

When you’re on the go and need a little extra power for a dying phone. A phone charging case let you carry one gadget that can charge up anything you plug it into. It keeps you texting, browsing, and Snapchatting 2x longer, and will also protect your phone with a solid outer shell that will even prevent screen damage.

Turn Off The Vibration Function On Your Phone

We often mistake what “silent” means. For many, it means putting it on vibrate so that it doesn’t necessarily make a sound but it will make noise. We get that it’s a great notification tool when you’re in a theater, classroom, or meeting, but we have to recognize the amount of power it uses.

Vibrations actually require more power than your original ringtone

Remember the vibrations aren’t sounds from the phone, it’s your phone physically buzzing. Ringtones are simply just tunes that your phone repeats making it a much simpler and less consuming task to fulfill. At the very least, going completely silent would be optimal if you’re really looking to preserve your battery and when under low battery situations.

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