Using the internet has become an integral part of the everyday lives of many individuals. It is a rare day when people do not access the internet, whether for work or personal reasons. It is, therefore, a good thing to make sure that your home is connected to the internet. Installing a wireless router makes it more convenient for the people residing in the house to use internet. This way, they can connect to the internet from anywhere in the house.

Here’s how you can enjoy optimal wireless connection in your home today.

1. Investing in a good wireless router

First and foremost, is that you need to make sure that the wireless router you buy will be the fastest one. Invest not just your money but also your time researching all the options you may have. You should google the terms being used in the manual rather than doing the set up repeatedly. The money you invest in a good router will definitely be worth it.

2. Connecting wires to the right port

Don’t attempt to assemble the wireless router without reading the instruction manual. Connect everything to the right place. Some people purchase a separate Ethernet cable aside from the ones provided by the manufacturer. This is a better idea as you can move your router as you please. And put it in a place which is optimal for everyone.

3. Choosing the optimal location

If you put the wireless router in corners of rooms may not give optimal coverage, especially in large homes. May would advise that the best place to place the router would be at the center of the home, to make sure that it can cover all areas of the house, maybe even some areas outside of the house. If your house might be too big, place the wireless router at a central location, in an area near where most of the people in the house spend their time while browsing the Internet. If necessary, you may also add an additional router to make sure that all areas of your home can have access to the internet.

4. Enable password security

You want to make sure to protect your Wi-Fi connection. You don’t want your neighbors sharing the connection. Not only will it make the internet slower, especially if you’re all streaming a video or downloading big data, but they might even get to access some personal and sensitive information. Make sure to set up a password and make it unique, something that would be hard to guess so that there is no risk of your network getting hacked. If you want some help choosing a strong wifi password open this:

5. Upgrading router’s firmware

Lastly, you also need to make sure that your router is running the latest firmware. Even if you just bought it recently, you are never really sure how long the product has been on the shelf before you were able to buy it. Updating to the latest firmware can also help with any issues that router may have.

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