Would you believe that today, as you continue to search for images on Google, and find photos on every topic, the reason for this was a dress?

Yes indeed is the year 2000 when singer and actress Jennifer Lopez wore a green vest during the Grammy Awards, whose throat was very open and went viral without any social media.

The dress was now worn again by Jennifer Lopez during a fashion show the previous day and once again went viral on the Internet.

In January this year, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt wrote in an article. “At that time, Jennifer’s clothing became the most popular search inquiry in 2000, but we were unable to understand why people ended up writing this by J.Lo. what do you want from that clothing ‘.

As a result, Google Image Search was born, he said.

He explained how Google made the move from text to images. “Like our other successful inventors of watercolor Larry Page and Sergey Burn, they started to add images, they started writing. This was first revealed after the 2000 Grammy Awards. Jennifer Lopez wore a green dress and became the focus of the world. ‘

When the News recently asked Jennifer Lopez if she knew that the Google Image Search tool was inspired by her. She would say ‘I’ve heard, but who knows?’

He joked, “I’m all set up that I haven’t found anything on it.”

When asked if she wanted to find something in this regard. She said, ‘Just a small part, a truck full of money’.

Today, there are thousands of options for this dress on Google.

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