There was a time in the mid-6os when a person who had $5,5oo was considered rich. Honestly speaking, you could buy a seven-bedroomed house, eleven Austin Minis, or a single Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. This unforgettable masterpiece was a true embodiment of craftsmanship and luxury. It couldn`t be the favourite choice of landed gentry and the captains of industry without any reason. But let`s not ignore the perks of owning one of the most expensive cars of the time. Each Silver Cloud took three months to build, weighed two tonnes, and had 12 coats of paint. Rolls Royce considered the fact of immense weight of the body and decided to fit a chassis that could cope with the mighty body. At that time, disc brake technology wasn`t as developed and efficient as it is today and disc brakes made a vulgar squealing noise. So drum brakes were obviously a better choice. Now it is clear that to drive such an elephant of a car, you need to fit a stomach that can generate enough energy. Rolls Royce didn`t disappoint in that either. They fitted straight-six or V8 engines, whose output power was never declared, but merely described as “sufficient”. Now let`s be straight. You`re a 60s` rich man and you have bought a car that could buy you a seven-bedroomed house, you certainly won`t give a damn about the numbers. You just want it to glide through the road effortlessly while you relax in the rear seat reading your newspaper. That`s what Rolls Royce was for.

Let`s just have a look into the history of the car.Rolls Royce Cloud Sliver 3

The Cloud 1 was launched in 1955 and survived until the end of the decade, when Rolls exchanged their six for a V8 and made power steering standard. Cloud 2s ran until 1962, when car had facelift, a lowered bonnet line and the fitment of voguish twin headlamps.
InteriorRolls Royce Cloud Sliver 3
A haven of peace in a troubled world, the Silver Cloud`s magnificent interior was a veritable throne room, with only the finest walnut, hide, and Wilton carpeting. The gear selector sat behind the steering wheel.
EngineRolls Royce Cloud Sliver 3
Cloud 2s and 3s, aimed at the American market, had a 6230cc, five-bearing V8 power unit, squeezed into a cramped engine bay.

Cabin DesignRolls Royce Cloud Sliver 3
The roofline was high in the best limousine tradition- passengers had enough room to wear top hats. The wide rear three quarter panel was designed so rear occupants could be obscured from prying eyes. Doors were secured by the highest quality Yale locks. Every Cloud had a complete toolkit in the boot

Antique Styling
Rolls Royce Cloud Sliver 3
Everything about the Cloud`s styling was antique, looking more like a piece of architecture than a motor car. Standard steel bodies were made by the Pressed Steel Co. of Oxford England, with the doors, bonnet, and the boot lid hand finished in aluminium to save weight. The rear compartment might have looked accomodating but actuall wasn`t. Standard walnut picnic tables were ideal for champagne and caviar picnics. Rear leaf springs and hydraulic dampers kept the ride smooth
MascotRolls Royce Cloud Sliver 3
The Spirit of Ecstasy graced a silver radiator shell that took several men five hours to polish
Specifications Summary
Model: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 3 (1962-65)
Production: 2,044 Standard Steel
Body Style: Five-seater, four-door saloon
Construction: Girder chassis with pressed steel body
Engine: 6230cc five-bearing V8
Power Output: 220bhp (estimate)
Transmission: Four-speed automatic
Suspension: Independent front with coils and wishbones, rear leaf springs and hydraulic dampers
Brakes: Front and rear drums with mechanical servo
Maximum Speed: 187 km/h (116 mph)
0-60mph: 10.8 seconds


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