“Every time you light up a Cigarette, you are saying that your life isn’t worth living”
Side Effects of Cigarettes

Side Effects of Cigarettes


Cigarette smoking is seen as a glamours lady now a days. A fashion that is practiced by many Hollywood starlets and gangsters. Smoking kills tens of thousand of people every year. Moreover parental smoking kills thousands of children annually. Now a days children’s are more vulnerable to tobacco. Cigarette contains about 600 ingredients, many of them are found in cigars and shishas too and many other side effects of cigarettes, shisha and vaping. When these ingredients burn, they generate more than 7,000 chemicals.Many of those chemicals are injurious to health, poisonous and at-least 69 of them are linked to Cancer. One of the ingredient in tobacco is a mood altering drug called Nicotine, Nicotine reaches your brain in mere seconds and makes you fell energetic for a while. Nicotine is a kind of habit forming that is why people find smoking so difficult to quit.

Effects of smoking on the body.

Poor Vision.

Smoking can cause future vision problems and can increase the risks of eye problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts.

Dull sense of smell and taste.

Your sense of smell and taste can be dulled by smoking which can decrease your appetite.

Lungs cancer.

Smoking puts you at a higher risk of developing lungs cancer. It is the most common cause of death, moreover it is also the most common cause of cancer death in both men and women.When you inhale smoke you are taking in substances that can damage your lungs.

Yellow fingers.

Handling tobacco products can stain your fingers and fingernails and turn them yellow.


Smokers have a higher rate if bronchitis. Secondhand smoking can also increase the risk for Bronchitis, especially in children.

Persistent coughing.

As we all know the infamous term “smoker’s cough”. This is where it comes from. Smokers leads himself to a very dangerous coughing session.

Heart disease.

Smoking is one of the lifestyle habit that leads towards the Heart disease. Both who regular smoke and smoke secondhand smoke are at higher risk of leading towards the Heart attack.

High Cholesterol.

Tobacco smoke lowers yours good cholesterol and and increases your bad cholesterol. It also increases fats in your blood.

Unhealthy Teeth.

Yellowish and brownish teeth are the evidence of long term smoking. Smoking can also leads to tooth or bone lose.

Immune System.

Smoking lowers your immune system’s ability which fights the infections. Smokers have more infections of the respiratory tract.

Blood clotting.

Smoking can increase clotting throughout your body which can increase the risk of heart damage and stroke.

Risk of blood cancer.

People who are long-term smokers are at higher risk of blood cancer such as Leukemia.


Problems with pregnancy and newborns.

Smoking in pregnancy can put the baby at risk for oxygen deprivation and growth problems. Smoking during pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage and also the death of newborns.

Cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is increased in women who smoke.

Diabetes complications.

If you have diabetes and you smoke then you are at higher risk for other complications, such as Kidney problems, Eye problems and Heart attack.

Smoking is incredibly harmful for health. There is no safe way to smoke. There are many rehabilitation centers that help many people to quit smoking. The best way to quit  smoking is to divert yourself to some other work which is more beneficial for you. The best way to divert yourself is to start exercising at that time in which you use to smoke a lot. The habit of smoking is not only killing you but it is also killing the persons around you. Its better to quit it as soon, if not then a time will come that u will be the only one who had to suffer and no one can heed your cries.

Shisha or Hookah smoking.

Shisha smoking is some how similar to the cigarette smoking. But if we compare Shisha smoking with cigarette then shisha smoking is more harmful then cigarette.Many hookah smokers think that this practice is less harmful but they are absolutely wrong. Shisha smoking has many of the same health risks as cigarette smoking. Shisha smoking addict the smokers to smoke over a long period of time than cigarette smoking. According to one Health report, cigarette smokers generally inhale 8-12 puffs over 5-7 minutes whereas if we compare shisha smoking lasts 20-80 minutes and involves 50-200 puffs. This is same as a smoker inhaled 100 Cigarettes.

Main effects of Shisha smoking.

  •  Causes of cancer
  • Causes heart problems
  • Periodontal (Gum Disease) disease
  • Birth of low weight babies if pregnant women smokes shisha
  • Nicotine addiction
Shisha contains more Carbon Monoxide.

Shisha contains greater amount of carbon monoxide as compare to cigarette. Carbon Monoxide replaces oxygen on red blood cells which makes harder for the body to deliver oxygen, results as  damage of many body organs.

Same effect as cigarette.

Shisha smoking has many of the same ingredients as cigarette which is harmful for the health. Water pipe smoking delivers nicotine which is the same highly addictive drug found in many Tobacco products.

Charcoal in shisha increased the risk of diseases.

Shisha smoke may also contain charcoal or wood cinder which is used as a heat source. It is use to burn the tobacco which increases the risk of cancer. It can also harm the other body parts.

Damage different body organs.

Shisha smoking damages many body organs, it may not be seen or notice now but these harmful chemicals are slowly damaging the certain parts of the body.  It increases the risk of diseases  like heart disease, lungs disease, and many other deadly diseases.

Comparison of Shisha and Cigarette smoking:
  • In hookah very little nicotine is filtered out through the water but in cigarette, the filter on the cigarette filters out the particulate matter like the tar.
  • Sharing the same pipe of shisha can cause communicable diseases. Cigarettes are not usually shared.
  • The amount of smoke inhaled during a shisha session is about 90,000 ml, and the amount of smoke inhaled during a cigarette session is about 500-600 ml.
  • An hour long session of shisha involves 200 puffs and in comparison with cigarette, it involves 20 puffs.

Addiction of anything is bad and worse for health. A time will come when there will be nothing left for us accept to regret for our doings. It may be hard for some period of time to quit these things but its not impossible. There are many ways to quit these smoking sessions. Many rehabilitation centers are made to help smokers to make a way out from these deadly products.



In the modern world of fashion, a very new and modern fashion is introduce which is named as vaping. This is new and a modern way of smoking now a-days. These days every one is using this electronic cigarette. This newly product has lead nearly 72% of people to quit smoking. Many of the people thinks that it is not harmful for body, and many people thinks that it is not as harmful as cigarette or shisha,  But the question arise, Is vaping safe…..  Vaping is not as safe as many people make it out to be. Man’s face blown up after vaping, it explodes while he was smoking it. Many similar incidents are heard now a days. This shows that vaping is not as safe as we all think so.

Every thing that is burning and producing smoke is harmful for our body. Vaping may be not as harmful as cigarette smoking but it is harmful at some content. Our body is designed to inhale oxygen not for inhaling smoke so inhaling of any other product is harmful for our body. So better not to create  barriers for people who started thinking that vaping is not harmful and started switching to e-cigarette which is also harmful.

Effects on body.

According to some numerous studies Vaping in short term of use is not as harmful. It is also concluded that there are no noticeable short term adverse effects associated with vaping.

But if we talk about long term use of vaping then it will effect out health. As scientists had concluded that long term use of vaping can cause a significant amount of damage to human body. It will not cause damage to your lungs but will damage other organs of our body.

It also contains some amount of Nicotine that can cause Nausea, Dizziness, and Headache.

Exploding batteries.

The term “Exploding batteries” doesn’t meant of vape explosion. This term signifies the explosion of battery not a vape explosion. This battery explosion causes many damage to the body parts. This explosion can also leads toward the mouth or face surgeries and can also cause the death of a person by a certain explosion.

It concludes that access use of anything is bad for our health as well as bad for our body, Whether it is cigarette, shisha, or vaping or any other harmful product.


These products are not only injurious for you but they are also injurious for the people around you. Its better to quit these deadly habits not only for your sake but for the sake of those people who you love. By doing this practice you are not only harming yourself but you are encouraging two more people to do the same thing and harm themselves too. Don’t kill yourself and others too. These products are just a classy way of committing suicide so take care of your body because it’s the only place you have to  live. These deadly products will give you nothing but will give you a pain of body and the only thing you can do at that time is to regret.

“Choice is yours But don’t be late”










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