Hassan Shehryar Yasin(HSY) is one designer that, due to his remarkable talent and ability to work hard, is extremely popular in Pakistan and as well as internationally. Many people are under the impression that HSY just got lucky but little do they know that he worked real hard for the platform he owns today and started from almost nothing.

Early Life Of HSY

HSY is a single parent kid who stuck to his guns and started his own business with only Rs.2500. At an early of 5, he realized his interest in fashion when he created his own design. He started his career as a fashion choreographer in 1994 and did various local shows, also attending international shows. By joining PIFD in 1996, he made sure he got a proper education in his one true passion. He graduated in 2000, after learning how clothes are put together and the philosophy behind them that led to the opening of his brand.


HSY was salutatorian of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (class of 2000). Yasin is affiliated with the La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne in France. He holds an honours degree in couture and serves on the board of directors and the executive committee of the fashion institute he graduated from.

Necessity Of Struggle

The biggest part in the HSY life story is that he refused to accept failure as an option. He had utmost faith that his passion could make the impossible, possible. In a country where most young people look towards their family for support and financial help, Hassan never asked his family for help and believed he could achieve anything he wanted. He made his own game plan and stuck to it. Hassan was repeatedly told that he didn’t have the resources or the clout to become a designer. Today, he is a force to be reckoned with. He is one of those rare few who didn’t give up. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, just a combination of hard work, patience and faith.

HSY Achievements In Profession

In 2000 he started his own brand under the name HSY. Initially, it started as a bridal collection and formal wear couture house. Now its one of the most recognized South Asian fashion labels in the world and currently employs over 350 people and six stores internationally, with the flagship studio housed in Lahore.  HSY has also won international acclaim and is considered among the top Pakistani Fashion designers.

HSY And National Designer Value

In 2003, Karachi-based Diva Magazine placed HSY on the cover of their “Most Powerful People” and also as one of their 10 “Faces of the Year”. In 2007, this brilliant Pakistani Fashion designer also introduced HSY brand jewelry. His popular quote about designing art is “Creativity is very important to be a designer, but if you want to be a successful designer then you need to be successful in every single way like being innovative and understanding the market.”

Awards Owner

HSY is the winner of the 2005 Lux Style Fashion Designer award. The aim at HSY has been to showcase a diverse dresses collection in order to represent the rich cultural heritage of the East. He recently launched his new Jewelry line, in Lahore. This event had 300 guests fly in from India. It was the Talk of The Town, a very  exclusive event.

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