Leather is considered to be a status symbol all around the world, it is seen to be a sign of power and wealth within our community and just use leather for our luxury. But keeping all that aside the question that we all must ask ourselves first is whether we as emphatic human beings should support and buy something that wholly revolves around animal cruelty? Is our need to show off so great that we simply disregard all the negatives that a party to this trade?

Reasons to condemn the use of leather in production of luxury goods

  1. Contrary to popular belief leather isn’t fur its skin, animals are subjected to harsh and cruel conditions when their skin is extracted. The killing methods utilized to put these animals to death can only be classified as inhumane, they range from electrocution to poisoning. And if this doesn’t push us into a dilemma, then maybe we need to reevaluate our priorities. 
  2. Meat is a byproduct sold when an animal is slaughtered rather than leather, often times animals such as horses and cows are slain for their skin and meat is an excuse that the butchers or hunters use to justify themselves. Mercilessly animals are hunted all around, and then subjected to torture sometimes to save money and expenses.
  3. Often times people are conned out of their money when they’re buying leather, dog skin is exported around the world under the guise of leather made from the skin of sheeps or horses. People are tricked into acquiring products made from dog skin, which itself is obtained through cruel and horrific means.
  4. The process to refine, process and preserve animal skin is an environmental hazard, poisonous and harmful solvents are used in excess. The people working in these factories are left unprotected and exposed against these chemical which causes them the develop complications that are carried on genetically and die.
  5. There are so many alternatives available that we can opt to use instead of genuine leather. One such example is synthetic leather, its production process is comparatively more eco-friendly and no animals are harmed in any way whatsoever. It is also less expensive and can easily be afforded by all.

So are we going to throw away our conscience just for the sake of our superficial needs? Or are we going to stand up and rise against all such atrocities being committed all around the world? Should our luxuries be drawn from the blood of innocents? The choice is yours.

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