WhatsApp silently added a very useful feature

Are you often used to talking to your friends via WhatsApp audio or video call? If so, you no longer need to open the app for this task, just get help from a Google Assistant.

At this time, Google Assistant supports sending text messages to various services. Such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp and SMS app. As far as video or audio calls are concerned, this is not possible. But now at least on the WhatsApp you can say audio or video call to a Google Assistant on your smartphone.

All you need to say is ‘Google WhatsApp Video Dan (Friend’s Name) or Google WhatsApp Call Dan’. Previously, an audio call to a Google Assistant was only possible on a network dialer. While a video call could also be made to Google’s own Hangouts or Duo’s service. But the addition of the WhatsApp has made it very easy for millions of people around the world to contact anyone on it.

Google announced this addition to the WhatsApp during the IFA Technology Show. Currently this feature will only be available to Android users.

WhatsApp Detect

By the way, are you aware of a useful feature hidden in Whatsapp. It allows you to compose and send messages without bothering your fingers. Yes there is really a feature in the app that has your voice typing function. In this feature called WhatsApp Detect, you don’t have to type a message but get help with the language and of course, but yes you do have to press the send button.


This feature is also available in Google Assistant and Apple’s digital assistant Surrey, but now WhatsApp has built it into their app. It allows users to type their message directly into the app with a new mic icon that is present on the keyboard.To use it, open the app and open the chat window of the contact you want to send the message to.

Now open the keyboard that you use to type message, there will be a black mic icon on the right.

However, if you are trying out this new service and it does not work, please wait as it will be available to all users in the next few days or weeks. This message will be almost exactly typed in Roman Urdu, while in English there is no problem, as well as a comma? And just say their words for a full stop, they will come by themselves. Well after typing the message, you can review it and fix the error, then send it.

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